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Poolesville is a historic community incorporated by the state of Maryland in 1867 and situated in the northwestern part of Montgomery County, 33 miles from Washington, D.C. Poolesville is also conveniently located to Frederick, Gaithersburg and Rockville Maryland, as well as to Leesburg, Virginia. The original log house constructed by John Poole II and the "1785 House" used as headquarters by Col. Edward D. Baker during the Civil War are still standing. Homes and churches from the 1800's mingle with modern construction. All attest to Poolesville's sense of community continuity

Poolesville’s housing is predominantly single family, detached dwellings, with a smaller number of the housing units in townhouse developments. Old town Poolesville’s housing was built incrementally over a period of many years and thus styles, lot sizes and densities vary considerably.

Old Town Hall

This long development process has also resulted in a mixing of commercial and residential uses in the central business district, particularly along Fisher Avenue (Maryland Route 107), adding to the town’s charm. In addition, a few dwelling units are located in some of the commercial structures in the old town.

Poolesville has many amenities in town that make it a very attractive place to live. It has an excellent commercial base and its stores and restaurants are located along the center of town, primarily on Fisher Avenue. Major commercial establishments include a full service grocery store, two banks, a pharmacy/convenience store, several restaurants, two filling stations, auto repair shops, and many other commercial professional establishments. It boasts among the best, most comprehensive park systems for any town its size and its three schools make education within easy walking distance for many Poolesville children.

Poolesville’s rural character, small town “feel”, and historic roots, coupled with its lively, active, and community spirited population make the town an ideal place in which to live, work and invest. We welcome you to our town.

Poolesville is not simply a suburb that sprouted around the outskirts of a major city. Instead, it is a true, independent community that has a long history. Since the Town's beginnings as a settlement in the colonial days, it has developed a supportive economic and cultural life that has made it unique in character from other suburban areas ringing Washington. D.C.

In 1950, Poolesville was still a rural town with a strong agriculture base and only 58 single family homes. Today, Poolesville has over 1,600 homes, several business establishments, and an elementary, middle and high school, which was ranked as one of the top ten schools in Maryland by Washingtonian Magazine. Prior to 1968, the predominant activity in the area was farming. Today, most residents work along the I-270 corridor, in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, or Frederick, Maryland.

Despite its growth, much of the rural character and charm of Poolesville remains. The Town sits right in the middle of the 90,000 plus acre Agriculture Reserve and farming remains an active part of Town life. Poolesville has a long history and roots that run deep, including local families whose ancestors lived in and setteled the Town and its surrounding areas. The Town was a key crossroads during the Civil War and large encampments of soldiers bivouacked in and around Poolesville.

Poole House

Much of what gives Poolesville its character is the Town's Old Town Center and its associated historic structures. Successive town governments have made efforts to preserve historical buildings and encourage the construction of new buildings that fit the small town, historic character of Poolesville. The Town's old bank building - once the Town Hall - has been sold to the Historic Medley District to be preserved. The John Poole House - the original house and store of the Town's namesake - is preserved and open to visitors. Many older buildings remain in the Central Business District.

The Town's historical legacy is enhanced by its location in beautiful rural surroundings. Nearby are many points of historical and natural interests such as Sugarloaf Mountain, White's Ferry, and the C&O Canal National Park. Check out our links and begin to enjoy the Poolesville experience.

For more specific information about the Poolesville area follow this link U.S. Census Information


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